Called According to God's Good Pleasure

Elemental Prayer Portrayed from Psalm 70

What I Learned from My PhD Oral Examination

CFBC Catechism — Learn Theology Through Question & Answer Format

Biblical Decision Making Paper

Geoff Kirkland's Personal Doctrinal Statement

The Pastor's Primary Responsibilities in a Church Plant

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel from Ephesians 2:1-10

The Necessity of Family Worship

The Popular Gospel Versus the Biblical Gospel

The Preaching of the Gospel that is Close to the Truth

The Security of the Believer's Salvation — Part 1

The Security of the Believer's Salvation — Part 2

The Security of the Believer's Salvation — Part 3

The Security of the Believer's Salvation — Part 4

The Security of the Believer's Salvation — Part 5

The Simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

What I Learned from My PhD Oral Examination

A Missional Marriage

A Minister of the Gospel

An Exegetical Note on Psalm 100:3

Are There Really Only a Few Who Will Be Saved?

Global Ministry Principles for the Local Church (Geoff's PhD Research Paper)

The Role of Dialogue in Preaching — Should Preaching Be Monologue Or Is It Outdated? (PhD Research Paper)

Louis Berkhof — Theologian of the Past: A Biography, Consideration of His Theological Method & Central Interpretive Motif (PhD Research Paper)

What Is Systematic Theology? (PhD Research Paper)

Revelation 20:1-15 Exegetical Research & Study (PhD Paper)

The Shepherd Motif: His Character, Role, and Duties (Paper on Pastoral Duties)

The Person, Role, and Beauty of God the Holy Spirit

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

FAQ that People May Ask Us at Christ Fellowship Bible Church

The Scriptures Are Sufficient for Everything

Why You Should Be Baptized As a Believer

Family Worship — Its Need, Structure, and Defense.

The Golden Chain of God's Salvation — Romans 8:28-30

The Philosophy of Believer's Baptism

The Greatest Way I, As a Pastor, Can Love My Flock

The Use of Isaiah 59.17 in 1 Thessalonians 5.8 — A Biblical, Textual, & Theological Examination

Psalm 119.165 — Love the Law of God

The Preacher's Fellowship — Course Notes

Pray for God to Save Your Children!

A Historical, Biblical, and Practical Analysis of Public Scripture Reading in Corporate Worship Gatherings

Who Is The Angel of the LORD in Exodus 3.2 in the Burning Bush Narrative?

Philosophy of Street Preaching

What Is Biblical Forgiveness?

The Use of the Old Testament in the Old Testament — "The Lord is My Strength and Song; He Has Become My Salvation"

Glorifying God — What Is Involved?

Why Does Christ Fellowship Bible Church Exist?

The Worshipful Act of Monetary Giving in the Local Church

The Glorious Truth of the Reformation Solas

The Public Reading of Scripture & The Pastoral Prayer in the Local Church

Thirtle's Theory — The Headings and Conclusions of the Psalm Titles

Another Support for Thirtle's Theory of the Psalm Titles — Psalm 55

Four Priorities of Christ Fellowship Bible Church

What Is True Repentance? Is There a False Repentance That Leads to Hell?

One-to-One Bible Readings — A Simple Guide

Ways to Use Scripture to Pray for Your Pastor/Elders

The Preacher's Philosophy — Why Does a Preacher Do What He Does?

What Is Prophecy? What Is It to "Despise Prophetic Utterances" (1 Thess 5.20)?

Family Worship and Evangelism (Part 1 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Prayer (Part 2 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Scripture (Part 3 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Theology (Part 4 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Application (Part 5 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Praise (Part 6 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Catechism (Part 7 in the Family Worship Series)
     (The Christ Fellowship Bible Church Catechism)

Family Worship and Regeneration (Part 8 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Leadership (Complementarianism)  (Part 9 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Marriage (Part 10 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and Future Generations (Part 11 in the Family Worship Series)

Family Worship and the Glory of God (Part 12 in the Family Worship Series)

The Upright of Heart as a Metaphor for Integrity

Necessary Elements in a Faithful Presentation of the Gospel — "What Is The Biblical Gospel?"

How to Pray for Your Pastor

Counsel in the Dark Nights: How to Find Hope in Hopeless Times (Biblical Counseling from Psalm 13)

Biblical Counseling — Its Foundation and Distinctives

Dual Imputation: The Righteousness of Jesus Christ Credited to the Believer and the Believer's Sin Credited to Christ Exegetically Defended

The "Fool" in Proverbs: The Problem Facing Biblical Counselors Today and the Only Adequate Solution (MDiv Seminary Paper)

Preparation for Worship — A Model For Preparing to Meet God (A Brief Examination of Exodus 19:16-17)

A Disciple-Making Pastor

Why I Believe Open-Air Preaching Is Effective

Why Pastors Must Incorporate Prayer in Sermon Preparation

Gleanings from the Open-Air Preaching Tour with JeremiahCry Ministries

Praising God as Our Mighty Refuge (Thoughts from Psalm 18:2)

Psalm 21 — Its Structural, Rhetorical, and Literary Features

The Fundamentals of the Faith (Course Notes)

The Boundaries of the Land that God Promised to Israel

Biblical Meditation — An Understanding of Meditation with Particular Emphasis on the Old Testament

If a Pastor Forsakes All Else, He Must Never Abandon...

A History of Moses and Joshua — A Life of Discipleship

The Shadow of Death — A Note from Psalm 23:4

Justification by Faith — The Foundational Doctrine

Prepare to Meet the Sovereign King (Prepare for Worship!)

A Biblical Perspective on Marriage — A Covenant Between One Man and One Woman

Are You Saved? The Parable of the Soils, Which Are You? (pdf booklet)

Why Joining a Church (Church Membership) Is Important

Three Biblical Purposes for Marriage

Do Not Love the World: A Brief Examination of 1 John 2:15-17

The Benefits of Preaching and Meditating on Heaven

Set the Love of God Before Your Eyes (A Meditation on Psalm 26:3)

Bolt Your Eyes to the Beauty of God

Dear Christian, Do You Take Hold of God in Prayer?

How to Ask for Forgiveness

What Biblical Counseling Seeks to Address

How to Train Your Children (Necessary Elements to Teach in Childrearing)

Preach with an Eye Toward the Glories of Heaven and with an Eye Toward the Shrieks of Hell

Some Elements in Israel's Worship (Joshua 8:30-35)

The Forgiveness of God

How You Can Respond When Tragedy and Hardship Invades Your Life

Teach Your Children the Fear of the LORD

The Forgiveness of God That You Receive Should Produce the Following Blessednesses

The Vital Role of the Prayer Meeting

How Does a Preacher Win Souls?

Kill Your Treasured Sin!

Why Is Abortion Outrageously Evil?

The LORD Be Magnified — A Meditation on Psalm 40:16

The Use of Psalm 40:6-8 in Hebrews 10:5-9 — An Exegetical, Theological & Devotional Study

The Passionate Love of God the Holy Spirit for Believers

Live in the Love of God Today

The Ministry of the Pastor-Shepherd

Why Do We Not Pray for Revival?

Why Should We Pray for Revival?  Some Motivations

Praying for Revival Through the Triune God and His Sovereign Work

Praying for Revival in the Church

Praying for Revival in the World

The Ministry of Hospital Visitation

The Responsibility of Accountability

Submitting to Church Leadership

BOOK REVIEW: Steve Lawson, The Kind of Preaching God Blesses. Reviewed by Geoffrey R. Kirkland

Holy Men Meditate
The Doctrines of Grace Defined, Explained, and Defended

The Desperate Need for More Faithful Heralds!

Membership Does Matter in Christ's Church — Why is Church Membership Important?

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 1 — CFBC Has a Love for the Truth of Scripture

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 2 — CFBC Loves Their Shepherds

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 3 — CFBC Is a Diverse Body of Believers

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 4 — CFBC Pursues Holiness and Christlikeness

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 5 — CFBC Is a Disciple-Making Church

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 6 — CFBC Has as Love for Gospel Proclamation

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 7 — CFBC Is a Church that Takes Hold of God in Prayer

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 8 — CFBC Sacrificially Serves One Another

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 9 — CFBC Endeavors to Glorify God

Why I Love Christ Fellowship Bible Church Part 10 — CFBC Upholds the Headship of Jesus Christ

Trusting in God's Loyal Love

One Mediator Between God and Men — Jesus Christ (A Study on 1 Timothy 2.5)

Why the Man of God in the Ministry of the Word Must Be Sexually Pure

A Missing — and Essential — Doctrine in the Modern Church: The Sufficiency of the Bible

A Simple Guide to Prayer: God-Centered Praying

Pursue Hospitality! A Christian Virtue for All Believers (Notes from Alexander Strauch's Book: The Hospitality Commands)

Reasons Why the Prayer Meeting Is Vitally Important

A Preacher's Monday — Hard, Heavy, and Heavenly

What Is a Deacon & What Is He to Do?

Halt Your Immorality Before It Begins

Run to the Fortress of God's Loyal Love

Kirkland Bible Reading Plan — Side 1

Kirkland Bible Reading Plan — Side 2

The Biblical Truth About Homosexuality — Providing Biblical Answers to the LGBT Claims

How Should You Hear the Word of God Preached?

The Qualifications of an Elder (Pastor, Overseer)

Prayer and the Local Church

An Exegetical & Theological Note from Psalm 65:3

How to Glorify God — Learning from Psalm 66

The Prayer Meeting

A Warning to the Unconverted!

A Call to Pause — Thinking Rightly About Communion

A Biblical Essential: The Doctrine of Hell

Some Aggravations of Aging & Some Advantages of Aging with Christ!

The Purpose of Elder Meetings

Futuristic Premillennialism Chart (end-times)

The Kind of Man a Faithful Pastor/Elder Must Be

Public Scripture Reading in the Corporate Worship Service: Why It Must Find a Place in the Worship Service

Cultivating a Godly Marriage (eBook)

Why Did God Include the 'Historical Psalms'?

Constructing a Clear Christology: Gleanings from Hebrews 1:1-13

The Non-Negotiables in the Pastor's Week

Biblical Parenting — Biblical Essentials for Dads and Moms

The Awefulness and Awesomeness of Ascending to the Pulpit

The Ultimate Ambition: The Glory of God

Prepare for Corporate Worship

The Parable of the Good Shepherd — John 10:1-6

Pray for the Sexual Purity of Your Elders

Why Walking with God Is Preeminent

Preach the Word! Understanding the Weightiness of Preaching.

Thirtle's Theory & the Proper Understanding of the Superscriptions and Subscriptions of the Psalms

Call Sinners to Respond to the Gospel!

Preacher! Keep Your Heart Mindful of the Brevity of Life!

What to Look for in a Potential Spouse

Prayer Guide Samples (aids to help you commune with God in prayer during the week)

How the Humanity of Jesus Christ Specifically Encourages Preachers of the Gospel

Blessed Understandings When the Christian Participates in the Lord's Supper

Children and the Lord's Supper

The Posture of Worship: It May Not Be Everything; But It Is Still Something.

Does Street Preaching Work?

Advice to Those Looking for a New Church

Prepare for the Lord's Supper: Some Ways to Pray in Preparation & Questions to Ask in Self-Examination

The Pastor's Primary Responsibilities

Believe in the Sovereignty of God!

Repentance — What to Repent of.

9 Motivations for You to Repent Now!

How I Go About Preparing My Sermons

Heart-Searching Questions for a Potential Seminary Student (a.k.a. 'seminoid')

How to Ensure Sexual Purity in the Ministry

Holy to the LORD: The Mark of the Minister

Warmly Involving All Age Groups Into the Body of Christ

Pastoral Home Visits: A Brief Study (CFBC Elders)

Preparing for Communion


Some Defining Characteristics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Reasons to Engage in a Bible-Reading Plan

The Benefits of Family Worship

The Responsibility God Places Upon All Fathers to Lead in Family Worship

Some Purposes of Family Worship

Family Worship: A Pastoral Plea for Every Family to Worship God Together

A Godly Man.

Loving Your Wife Well

Prayer for Your Local Church

Equipping the Men to Be Shepherds at Home

A Husband's Love for His Wife

At the Immediate Moment of Temptation, F.L.E.E. from Lust to God!

When the Sermon Preparation Is Finished, One Essential Still Remains...
A Primer on Corporate Worship — Its Purposes & Blessings

Foundational Blocks for the Building and Maintaining of a Godly Marriage

Marriage and Heaven

Why We 'Preach the Word' at Christ Fellowship Bible Church

Goals for the Nursery Ministry at Christ Fellowship Bible Church

Why I Believe that Part of Fulfilling My Role as Pastor Is to Do the Work of an Evangelist

Paul's Use of Psalm 112:9 in 2 Corinthians 9:9 — An Exegetical and Theological Study

The Art of Preaching

Because of the Nearness of the End

Give Me a Few Good Men!

Worship God!

Discipleship — Toward a Definition & a Few Goals!

The Public Reading of Scripture — Some Practical Thoughts

A Biblical Theology of Scripture Reading in Corporate Worship Gatherings (Master's Seminary Research Paper)

Corporate Worship

Benefits of Bible Reading with Other Believers.

Prayers of Preparation for the Lord's Supper

Six Attributes of Scripture to Guide the Child of God into a Theologically Robust Bibliology

A Method for Discipleship (Reflections on Deuteronomy 6:4-9)

Older Men — We Younger Men Need You!

Deacons: Servants of the Lord's Gospel & Christ's Church

How a Pastor Leads

Revival: Some Thoughts & An Exhortation to Pray Earnestly for Revival.

Speak Up on Homosexuality! The Christian Mandate to Speak Biblical Truth to Gays and Call Them to Embrace the Gospel!

Tragic Results of Marital Unfaithfulness. 30 Things that Would Happen If I Were Unfaithful to My Wife

True Marriage: The Only Valid Definition of Marriage

How to Get the Unction [Power] of the Spirit

The High Calling of Motherhood

Students! Seize the Summer to Grow in Godliness, Not to Decline in Laziness!

What Is Biblical Preaching?

Lessons for Young Men

The Kind of Man to Open Air Preach

Don't Return to the Vomit!

Giving Your Pastor Feedback After a Sermon

The Kind of Men CFBC Looks for to Be Elders

How to Pray

A Godly Man's Duties in the Home

A Pastor's Priority: "The Flock of God Needs My Personal Holiness"

Please Pray for Your Pastor-Shepherds!

The New Birth — The Doctrine of Regeneration (eBook)

The Public Reading of Scripture in Corporate Worship — Some Helpful Tips

Giving Your Pastor Feedback After the Sermon...

I'd Rather Be Remembered as a Great Husband than a Great Preacher

The Privileges of the Lord's Supper

The Glory of the Covenant of Marriage

What Is Worship in Heaven Like?

Preach As Though You Would Die and Go to Heaven When You're Finished

The Pilgrimage Songs: Journey On and Sing On (The Psalms of Ascent for the New Testament Christian)

Approaching the Heaven Zion: Lessons from the Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134)

A Godly Response to False Prophets (Learning from Jeremiah)

Duties of Every Minister of the Gospel.

Dear Daughters: Know This Bridegroom!

Homosexuality: Providing Answers from the Sufficient Word of God to Many Common Issues

Evangelism in the Life of the Christian.

The Necessity of Serious-Mindedness in Corporate Worship

5 Reminders for Christian Parents

The Benefits of Handing Out Gospel Tracts

Students! Make the Most of Your Winter Break!

Some Parenting Helps in Using the Rod With Children in a Christocentric Way

Specific Elements to Pray for in the Local Church

Why I Preach the Word

The Exposition & Application of the "Disciples' Prayer" in Luke 11:1-4 [eBook]

O Satisfy Us in the Morning with Your Steadfast Love [Meditation on Psalm 90:14]

The Plague of Busyness

What Is a Christian?

I Love My Church!

Biblical Counseling:  Applying the Sufficient Word to Everyday Issues  (PDF Course Notes)

My Personal Priorities — A Reminder to My Soul

Praying for the Preaching of the Word  [Some Helps]

Ideas for Prayer in Leading in Family Worship: Teaching the Children How to Pray

A Pastor's Prayer on Monday

What Can You Do on Sunday Mornings?

The Kind of Men God Uses

Preaching with Fire!

The Greatest Is a Servant

Communion Preparation Prayer Guide

Why Be Urgent With the Gospel?

Abortion: The Silent Holocaust — What the Bible Says About It & Our Christian Response to It (Exodus 20:13)

"What Happens to Babies Who Die?  10 Compelling Reasons Why Babies Go to Heaven"

Practical Tips for Family Worship

Essentials in the Ministry of the LORD [Some Lessons Learned in the Pastoral Epistles]

Young Men: Is This You? [8 Traits that Should Characterize Men]

College Students: What Do You Plan to Do This Summer? 

Prayer Guide for the CFBC Security Team (Before, During, and After Services)

How to Suffer Well!

Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes & Its Cure

Christian! For the Joy of Your Soul and for the Glory of Christ, Practice Hospitality in Your Home!

Training Your Children in the Home to Sit Still in the Pew

Pastoral Burnout: Its Causes & Its Cure

Preach the Word!  25-Articles on Preaching (eBook)

What Must We Do Today to Prepare for Suffering?

Expository Preaching: A Summer Class at Christ Fellowship Bible Church (pdf notes)

The Beauty & Glory of God the Spirit

Read the Bible As Your Spiritual Food [Directions for Profitable Bible-Reading]

The Christian's Mission.

Worship: Some Thoughts.

A Study on the Doctrine of Hell

Preparing for Church -- Some Pastoral Counsels

Rejoice, Young Man! [5 Words of Counsel from Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:1]

The Foundation of the Preaching of the Word (2 Timothy 4:1-5)

Help for Your Prayer Life:  How to Pray the Bible & Make God's Words Your Words

Song of Solomon 1 [PDF outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon 2 [PDF outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon 3 [PDF, outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon 4 [PDF, outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon 5 [PDF, outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon 5:16 [PDF, outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon 6 [PDF, outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon 7 [PDF, outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon 8 [PDF, outline, notes, & songs]

Song of Solomon Commentary [Full eCommentary]

Why Definite Atonement (Particular Redemption) Must Be True

Sitting Through the Sermon: Some Encouragements

We Stand Courageously

Financial Giving:  Some Pastoral Thoughts

Reasons Why Open-Air Preaching Is Always Effective

How to Actively Serve in Worldwide Missions from Where You Are in Your Local Church

Why I Preach with an Open Bible

Duties of Christian Husbands (A Handbook for Husbands) [19-part eBook]

Why Do We Stand for the Public Reading of Scripture?

Principles from Paul's Prayers (Gleanings from Philippians 1:4)

Give Yourself to Constant & Committed Prayer

CFBC Catechism (Teaching Through Q&A Format)

The Core Tenets of Biblical Counseling

Praying for Families in Your Local Church

The Priority, Power & Mandate of Expository Preaching (14 page handout)

Passionately Pursue Sexual Purity (Men's Bible Study Notes)

Pastors Be Aware of These Common Dangers!

Church Member!  Fight to Attend Your Church Weekly!

Thank God For Your Trials!

How a Pastor Loves His Flock

Family Worship Notes (Men's Bible Study Notes)

Prayer: A Priority in Sermon Preparation

The Privilege and Blessings of Motherhood

Are You Prepared to Suffer for Christ?

Biblical Forgiveness: What Is It? Who Are We to Forgive? And When? (Men's Bible Study Note Packet)

Diagnosing & Mortifying the Sin of Complaining

A Primer for Parents to Discipline Their Children with Gospel-Grace

Advice From a Pastor in Talking to Your Pastor Right After He Preaches

God Reigns (How the Sovereignty of God Affects Your Day to Day Life)

Maintaining a Biblical Anthropology in Biblical Evangelism

How to Love Your Wife (4-part Study for Husbands)

A Short Biblical Overview of Future Events (Futuristic Premillennialism)

Pray for Your Church Leaders

Resolutions of a Pastor Shepherding Christ's Church

Parenting for the Glory of God (10-part eBook)

Book of Jeremiah: Bible Survey  (PDF handout)

Book of Ezekiel:  Bible Survey  (PDF handout)

Helping Our Children Prepare for Worship, Engage in Worship, & Respond Accordingly.

Man of God! Consider Growing in These Ways as You Lead in the Home

The Benefits to Having an Open, Printed Bible on Your Lap During Worship

The Philosophy of the Corporate Reading of Scripture in the Worship Service

The Philosophy of the Pastoral Prayer

Why Do We Need Revival?

A Few Considerations as a New Year Begins

Metaphors for a Pastor

Philosophy of What the Corporate Worship Gathering is For

Why Invest in the Men

How to Greet the Saints

Personal Philosophy of Open Air Preaching [Street Preaching]

Philosophy of Preaching the Word in Corporate Worship

Christ Fellowship Bible Church Catechism [revised]

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ: The Guarantee, the Glory, and the Assurance

Words of Advice to Church Planters

The Foolishness in a Child's Heart

Fullness of Joy: Honoring God and His Sufficienct Word Rightly (A Response to John Piper)

The Commitments of CFBC Restated and Reaffirmed

A Pastor's Intentional Resolve

What to Do With the CFBC Membership List

Preparing to Actively "Minister" in Sunday Worship Gatherings

The King & His Kingdom Is Yet to Come to Earth! Exegetical and Theological Support for Premillennialism

The CFBC Catechism with Scriptural Proof & Commentary [revised/expanded 2018]

"...Yea But": Answering Common Objections Biblically eBook

I Love CFBC (Christ Fellowship Bible Church, St Louis, Missouri)

The Reality of Eternal Punishment

The Pastor as the Primary Worship Leader

The Book of Revelation Notes/Commentary

A Biblical Perspective of Sex

16 Benefits of Expository Preaching

A Pastor's Primary Responsibilities: To Train Men

12 Features of Biblical Preaching

What You Can Do With Your Church's Membership List/Roster

A Helpful Guide for Your Church's Security Team (Praying for Church While Keeping Watch)

The Duties of Christian Husbands: 19 Articles on Being a Godly Husband [eBook]

The Biblical Case for the Future Salvation & Restoration of the Jewish People

We Beg You, Church Member, Please Pray for Your Elders! 

Christ Our Curse For Our Gain!

Leading in Family Worship During Conflict

Desiring Eldership! It's a Good and God-Blessed Desire!

Spiritual Battles of a Minister

How to Attend Your Church

Learning from a Leaf

Glorifying God and Blessing Your Pastor

Duties of Christian Wives  [19-part e-Book]

The Process of Becoming an Elder of a Local Church

God-Honoring, Enjoyable and Good Sex

How to Re-Energize & Re-Vitalize Your Prayer Life: Pray the Word of God!

The Devastating Effects of Sin

The Urgency of Soul-Winning [Go & Evangelize Sinners!]

The Heartfelt Embrace of Young Womanhood, Part 1  [Titus 2:4-5a]

The Heartfelt Embrace of Young Womanhood, Part 2  [Titus 2:5]

Premillennialism Packet [compilation of articles supporting premillennialism]

Philosophy of Bible Reading Among the Saints

Philosophy of Evangelism

Why It Is Important to Have Regular, Frequent Family Worship

Praying for Men of God!

The Evil Monster of Sin!

Common Questions about Christ Fellowship Bible Church [answering 25 FAQ]

Precision in Our Proclamation  [PDF outline of the open air preacher's roundtable discussion]

Old Testament Survey  [Class Outlines]

New Testament Survey  [Class Outlines]

An Outline & Study on Fasting  [CFBC Men's Study]

Crucial Reminders of Biblical Preaching in an Era that Mocks It

My Earnest Desire to Preach the Word!

The Faithful Church Ministry According to Scripture (Eph 4)

Describe the Idea, Biblical Church...How Would You Respond?

A Strong Plea to Bring Your (Paper) Bible to Church!

Set It On Your Heart to Serve Your Local Church Family

Communion with the Triune God

CFBC Guidelines & Protocols for Re-Opening in May 2020

CFBC Pastoral Letter of Encouragement as we Re-Open in May 2020

A Preacher's Monday & a Rock-Like Pillow

Regaining the Profound Privilege of the Preacher

The Needed Area of Ministry in the Home

Dimensions of the Gospel as It Pertains to Me

Encouraging Kids for the Sunday Sermon "Feast"

Communion with the Triune God

A Pastor's Brief Explanation on the Choosing, Ordering & Purpose of Sunday's Music-Set

Creative Evangelism Suggestions

Non-Negotiable Features of Biblical Preaching

Pastoral Ministry:  Some Reflections

The Love of God the Spirit

Picking Songs to Sing in Corporate Worship:  An Explanation

Doctrine of Sin: Observations from Romans 5:12

Welcoming Children in the Worship Service

Street Preaching and Gospel Conversations

Thank God For These Glorious Doctrines

Corporate Worship

Jesus Is Glorious.

God's Design for Sexuality:  Notes, Handouts.

Christmas Above The Clouds.

Prepare for Communion

My Pastoral Ministry

How to Actively Care for the Members of Your Church

44 Specific Ways to Pray for the Ministry of CFBC

Acts 6 -- Discussion on How Elders and Deacons Work Together

Expository Preaching Class Notes - Crash Course (Spring 2023)

ACBC Certification: Be Trained, Equipped  [8 Compelling Reasons for You to Consider Certification]

Spanking:  A Practical Guide for Christian Parents